MD News

Serving the Bay Area Medical Community



MD News is produced exclusively for industry leaders including medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, podiatrists, hospital administrators and medical specialists. MD News subscribers drive heavy product and service buying in the Bay Area.


Local markets Position your message in front of local MD News readers and reach top decision makers. MD News gives you the advantage to promote directly to the Bay Area medical community, generating local brand awareness.

Multiple markets Expand your advertising promotions by placing ads in multiple publications across a variety of regions throughout the U.S. and Canada where available. Ask about special volume discounts for multi-market advertising.

Co-op There is no more efficient and effective way to heighten local market awareness of branded products and services than through a co-op advertising partnership with regional and national advertisers. Their co-op programs can reimburse you for part of your advertising commitment to MD News under certain conditions. We can work with you, and with the national marketers, to help stretch your advertising dollars even further.

To advertise, call (415) 987-1002 or email

DOWNLOAD (pdf) the MD News advertising rate card now.


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