MD News

Serving the Bay Area Medical Community

Readership Profile

MD News is produced exclusively for industry leaders including doctors and affiliated health care professionals, hospital administrators and medical specialists. MD News subscribers drive heavy product and service buying in the Bay Area.

Power of Controlled Circulation

MD News magazine is distributed at no cost to individuals who qualify because they are influential members of the medical industry. Qualified professionals must have a specific job title, are responsible for key purchasing decisions, and stand out as leaders in their field. They represent a highly desirable group that advertisers want to reach.

Here are a few of the significant benefits you can gain from MD News’s controlled circulation strategy:

  • The power of targeted readership. The level of reader qualification is considerably higher for a controlled circulation business publication than it is for a consumer magazine.
  • A strategic bridge to the most influential members of the medical community.
  • Highly targeted and up to date distribution by industry, association and professional affiliation, guaranteeing active readership for your market.
  • An intense and steady connection to decision makers in the medical industry and in the Bay Area.
  • Ability to target and reach more qualified readers in the Bay Area than a national publication can offer.


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